In 2019, over $4.4B in cryptocurrency was lost due to fraud and theft1

Monitor all your cryptocurrency addresses in one place, and receive a push notification if your balance changes. No passphrases needed.

Active Monitoring

Stay connected to your crypto accounts

  • Active monitoring of any address, no passphrase needed.
  • Intercept hackers before they run away with your funds.
  • Stay informed by watching "whale" accounts for movement.
Easy to use

View all your accounts, in one place

  • The safest and most convenient way to monitor your account balances.
  • View account balance in BTC, USD, and your currency of choice.
  • Import all your accounts at once using your Unstoppable Domains .zil/.crypto, PayID, or FIO address.
  • Colorful chart and hashicon support for a polished user experience.
  • Biometrics support: Login quickly and securely using your FaceID or fingerprint.

The safest way to watch your crypto

Monitor all your crypto accounts without providing any passphrases. It's a win-win situation.

Active address monitoring

We actively monitor your address on the server-side, so you can set it and forget it.

Real-time Alerts

We just need an address to start monitoring. You can even monitor accounts belonging to other people, because the blockchain is public!

Stay informed

Get notified always

Receive a push notification whenever your account sends or receives a transaction, or whenever your balance changes.


Block Monitor is Always Watching

Block Monitor has been steadily watching blockchains since 2017.




Uptime (30d)


Notifications Sent


Designed with love in Orange County, California

Over 2000 Customers Love Block Monitor

Block Monitor is the technology behind a popular cryptocurrency notification service, with 2000+ users from all over the world.


Thanks to Block Monitor, we no longer need a Security team!


Block Monitor is for noobs


I've been using Block Monitor since before I invented Bitcoin!

- Dr. Craig Wright
Testimonials are satirical, for entertainment only.
Multi-Language Support

Available in 30+ languages

With more languages to come, Block Monitor already supports some of the world's most popular languages.


Frequently Asked Questions

Block Monitor is currently free to download and use for watching up to 1 total address.

Additional addresses are available to these three membership tiers:

  1. The Hobbyist - Watch up to 1 address per each currency
  2. The Enthusiast - Watch up to 3 addresses per each currency
  3. The Investor - Watch up to 5 addresses per each currency

Block Monitor crawls the blockchain on a scheduled interval, which is based on the blocktime of the particular blockchain it is crawling at the time. As a result, users can expect to receive a push notification within the time it would take for one or two confirmations, accounting for potential overlap and blockchain variances.

Every blockchain is different, and there may be times where a transaction is delayed, or an upstream API is outdated, which could result in further notifcation delays.

Each install is permitted up to 1 address per blockchain. So you can watch 1 BTC address, 1 ETH, etc.

Currently, Block Monitor supports the following blockchains:

Full blockchain support
  1. BTC
  2. ETH
  3. IOTA
  4. LTC
  5. DOGE
  6. BURST
  7. XRP

Block Monitor also has a read-only Coinbase integration, so you can securely monitor your Coinbase account balances as well.

Coinbase supported currencies
  1. ATOM
  2. BAT
  3. BCH
  4. BTC
  5. DAI
  6. DASH
  7. EOS
  8. ETC
  9. ETH
  10. KNC
  11. LINK
  12. OMG
  13. OXT
  14. REP
  15. XLM
  16. XTZ
  17. ZCH
  18. ZRX

More blockchains are added regularly. To submit your coin for listing, please contact us on Discord or Telegram.

Active blockchain monitoring and balance change notifications

Monitor your cryptocurrency addresses in one place, and receive a push notification if your account balance changes. No passphrase needed.